Conservation Easements in Alberta

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Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation


Bernie MacDonald, Parks & Wildlife Ventures Coordinator

Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation (ASRPWF) 
903, 10405 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5J 4R7
Phone (780) 415-0268

Organization's mandate

"The natural areas and parks managed by the Foundation provide habitat for wildlife, conserve water and provide recreational opportunities for the public.

The Park and Wildlife Ventures program supports private land conservation in Alberta through the receipt of charitable land donations, land purchases, land management, partnerships with conservation groups, fundraising and consultative services.

We accept land donations, which may be eligible for certification under the Government of Canada's Ecological Gifts Program. In many cases, a donor will make a gift of land to the Foundation and include specific wishes related to activities for the land. We respect these wishes.

The Foundation in partnership with other organizations make land purchases to help conserve natural areas that are important to wildlife, are ecologically sensitive or are adjacent to other conservation lands."

Geographic area of conservation program

All of Alberta

Areas (geographic) of particular focus

The ASRPWF does not currently hold any easements nor are they aggressively pursuing conservation easements, though they will consider the possibility on a case by case basis. They may receive donations of land and conservation easements as an agent of the Crown, which can then be transferred to eligible recipients including provincial departments and municipalities in order to create new protected areas.

Thematic or ecological areas of focus

Their preference is for lands adjacent to existing protected areas or lands that have the potential for passive recreation.

Donation or sales

The ASRPWF may accept donations of conservation easements. They are unlikely to purchase a conservation easement, but may consider that option.


ASRPWF will provide tax receipting and split receipting for a conservation easement.

Minimum parcel size

There is no minimum parcel size. Each parcel of land is considered on a case-by-case ecological value assessment.

Associated programs


Relationship with landowners

Although ASRPWF doesn't currently hold easements, they would involve landowners as much as possible as stewards. Landowners would be actively consulted on any management decisions.

Support for landowners

ASRPWF will pay for acquisition costs (e.g., appraisals, lawyer fees, surveys, etc.). All easements could be registered through the Ecological Gifts Program.

Stewardship activities

WHO: ASRPWF uses local partners, such as Ducks Unlimited and local Fish and Game Clubs, to do the monitoring.

HOW OFTEN: ASRPWF monitors once a year at a minimum. They will monitor twice a year if possible.

INFORMATION PROVIDED: Landowners will be provided with a copy of the monitoring report.

Endowment fund

ASRPWF keeps separate endowment funds for each property. Funds are raised by donation; conservation easement donors will be asked if they are willing to contribute to the endowment fund. This is a large factor in determining if ASRPWF takes on a property as there needs to be a mechanism to keep the property self-sustaining. ASRPWF does accept donations for general endowment funds.


Grazing is only allowed for fire hazard management.

Public access on conservation easement lands

Public access is allowed, but it is not required. If access is allowed, it is typically foot access and non-consumptive. Donors or landowners will decide is fishing and/or hunting is allowed on the land.

Defense fund

None - the ASRPWF has access to Government of Alberta lawyers and insurance through its affiliation with the Government of Alberta.