Conservation Easements in Alberta

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What is a conservation easement?

Many people nod when asked if they know about conservation easements – but when asked if they could describe them, chuckle nervously...

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How does a conservation easement affect a land parcel?

Although there are secondary effects and complementary goals on the part of both the grantor and the grantee, the principle effect of a conservation..

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How is a conservation easement certified as a federal EcoGift?

Recognizing that habitat loss and degradation are the greatest threats to biodiversity in Canada and that many key habitats are on private land...

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Creating Robust Conservation Easements

Knowing that conservation easements are perpetual and likely to face a challenge at some point, conservation easements should be drafted with the expe

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How do municipal government conservation easements and land trust conservation easements differ?

To date, the most common qualified organizations to hold conservation easements in Alberta have been non-governmental organizations (more commonly...

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Who’s involved in a conservation easement?

A conservation easement is a legal agreement between two entities, but there are a number of others who play critical oversight or support roles...

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How is a conservation easement created?

Every conservation easement is different, but the essential steps in creating a CE are very similar regardless of the land parcel, landowner...

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What are the financial implications of a conservation easement?

A conservation easement will not make you rich; it is first and foremost a tool to help landowners accomplish their long-term conservation objectives.

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What’s involved in holding a conservation easement?

Designing and negotiating a conservation easement is a big job, but in terms of time it is a small portion of the job compared with ongoing....

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Are there creative ways to use CEs?

In most cases, conservation easements stand alone, working on their own to achieve a set of conservation goals...

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Are you a qualified organization?

Under the Alberta Land Stewardship Act (ALSA), a “qualified organization” is an organization that can hold a conservation easement granted by a landow

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How is a conservation easement changed?

Legally speaking, a conservation easement can be considered a “hybrid” document. While its existence and the broad framework supporting its creation..

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How is a conservation easement registered?

A conservation easement’s significance lies in its ability to bind future landowners to the use restrictions it establishes...

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How is a multiple purpose conservation easement agreement drafted?

Crafting a conservation easement agreement is a negotiated process, so neither side should feel obligated to accept without question...

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How is a single-purpose conservation easement agreement drafted?

While use of conservation easements in Canada is relatively new, the United States has used conservation easements for a number of decades...

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What happens when a conservation easement is challenged?

The long-term nature of a conservation easement means that the easement is likely to face a challenge at some point in its future...

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What is involved in stewarding a conservation easement?

It has been said that land trusts and conservancies are more stewardship than securement organizations given the amount of time and effort that goes..

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What is the Legal Nature of a Conservation Easement?

A conservation easement is legally considered an interest in land for the qualified organization (grantee)...

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What is the Process for Granting a Conservation Easement?


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13 Things You Should Know About Conservation Easements

It is important to know that a conservation easement...Is enabled by provincial legislation, Can be for one of three purposes...

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